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Product Name: Kick and Boxing Standing Heavy Punching Bags 6 ft
Model Number: 6 Feet
Warranty: N/A
Your Price: 14200.00

Product Description
  • MATERIAL & Struction - Boxing bag comes in multi-layer structure: 2mm thick PU leather strike surface, high-density EPE foam, eco-friendly rubber buffer, and filling layer. Then a long and heavy beat will not harm your hands or legs.
  • ULTRA SILENT & LESS VIBRATION - The cushioning design, dual TPU absorber, and 360° shock and noise absorption make the boxing bag more suitable for intense beats. Then you can practice boxing according to your training plan.
  • Larger Base & Powerful Suction Cup: For athletes, the more stable the sandbag, the safer the exercise. Therefore, the base is enlarged and designed with suction cups. And it weighs 100kg with water and 200kg with sand. In addition, it also comes with 14 power-grip suction cups. And the suction power of each cup is about 40kg. Then the punching bag will be more stable, and you will do exercise safer.
  • Color Available: Black or White
  • Cushioning Design: The cushioning component includes a fixed cushioning shaft and a silencer rubber disc. It can achieve more effective anti-vibration and noise reduction effects. Then it isolates, decomposes, and converts the high-frequency rebound impact force between the punching bag and the athletes to minimize the injuries.