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Product Name: 3 Main (Trunk) Lines and 8 Extentions CS308 Telephone Intercom
Model Number: lK308
Product Weight : 2KG
Warranty: ONE-YEAR
Your Price: 5400.00

Product Description

Capacity: 3 Main Lines (Trunk Line/ P and T) and 8 Extension Internal/External Music on Holding, Operator/Auto-attendant Mode. Call can be diverted automatically to mobile if phone not picked up Day/Night Mode (Manual), Music and Ringing Recordable OGM (outgoing message), Music Duration 20 Seconds Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding Manually, Outgoing Call Transfer, Power Failure Transfer, Specific Main Line (CO/Trunk Line) Dialing, Three Way Conference, Do Not Disturb, Auto/Manual Dial-Out Mode