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Product Name: Add On Wall Display Rack 220*120*45cm with 6 Layers
Model Number: 220*120*45cm
Warranty: N/A
Your Price: 11000.00

Product Description

Product Description

Layers: 6 (including Base board) 1

Base board: 40cm 

4 Layer boards: 35cm

Thickness: Upright: 1.5mm Base board & layer board: 0.5mm Back board: 0.4mm Bracket: 2.0mm

CAPACITY: Its steady enough to keep your bulky stuff easily 100 kg per shelf capacity This shelf with popular design is easy to assemble and disassemble and safe to keep heavy goods with strong construction. The shelf can be fitted with different hooks. The heavy-duty standing posts is good looking and anti-rust with fine powder coating. Every layer of the board can be adjusted up and down freely. It can be used as books racks, kitchen racks, warehouse racks, clothes racks, office racks and supermarket rack etc