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S-TECH EPABX Machine CS-308 For 3 Main (Trunk) Lines and 8 Extentions Telephone Intercom System Stylish Design

 CS308 Model Number:  CS308
Your Price: ₹ 5900

Product Weight : 1879 Grams
Warranty : ONE-YEAR

Product Description
1) Direct or Indirect Dialing Mode To place a call, an user can dial directly the phone number of the called party (Direct Dialing Mode).or indirectly by first dialing the access digit '9' followed by the phone number (Indirect Dialing Mode) 2) Automated Attendant Mode Caller will listen to an user prerecorded greeting message (OGM about 10 seconds in length, eg for sales department please dial 601, engineering department please dial 602...) when the automated attendant is turned on. The automated attendant will then handle the caller's response and then connect the call to the appropriate extension. 3) Operator mode An incoming call will ring one or some designated extensions; any extension whether ringing or not is able to pick up the call. 4) Call hold, transfer Incoming calls can be put on hold and transferred from any extension without any limit even on misdials 5) Caller ID (FSK/DTMF/Bellcore) The SV-308 is capable of receiving FSK/DTMF (Bellcore standard) caller id sent from local telephone company. The telephones must have DTMF caller id detection capabilities and the service must be subscribed. 6) Three-way conferencing An established call between a CO Line and an Extension can invite a second extension to join a 3-Way conference call. 7) Intercom call Make internal calls from any extension. 8) Facsimile supported (STECH-MD308 doesn't support fax feature, but MK308 can) Any extension can hook up a fax machine or a PC to send or receive facsimiles. 9) Incoming call alert Engaged extension will receive a call waiting tone alerting the party when there is an incoming call. 10) Toll restriction scheme Long Distance or International Direct Dialing can be disabled on a per extension basis. 11) Secretary assisted dialing A secretary can make an outgoing call from his or her extension and then transfer the established call to a second extension. This feature is especially helpful for those busy executives. Once the call is connected to the second extension; the secretary can hang-up or remain connected for three-way conferencing. 12) Limit CO line call duration External calls can be disconnected at a preset time limit from 1 to 99 minutes on a per extension basis. 13) External call authorization with password protection Permit users with authorized password to make external calls. 14) Power failure tolerant During power failures, extension #1 remains functional and it can still receive or make outside calls. 15) Do not disturb Extension with 'do not disturb' turned on will not ring. 16) No response from caller under Auto-attendant mode In Auto-attendant mode, after greeting the caller to dial an extension number but receiving no responses from the caller, the incoming call can be programmed either be terminated or transferred to the operator. 17) CO line ports can be disabled or enabled individually All CO line ports can be disabled (for Intercom only) any CO line ports can be disabled (if the disabled CO port is not connected to a CO line). 18) Flexible Ring delay on incoming calls An incoming call can be programmed to ring an extension immediately or with a delay of one ringing cycle, to tailor to meet the specific characteristics of the attached telephony device. 19) Enable/disable extensions from accessing CO lines CO lines access rights can be granted on a per extension and per CO line basis. 20) Flexible extension number plan User can assign extension numbers ( 1 to 4 digits) for the PBX. 21) Recording Outgoing Greeting Message (OGM) User can record his own greeting message which will be stored in the PBX's non volatile memory. 22) Playback OGM:User can listen to the recorded OGM or the on-hold music. 23) CO Line ringing assignment An incoming call from a specific CO line can ring one or more extensions, or no extension. Technical Parameter: 1) Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50/60HZ & AC110V±10% 2) Power Dissipation:≤20VA 3) Exchange Mechanism: Analog Spatial division 4) Type of Telephone: Dual Tone Multi-Frequency 5) Communications Lines: 7 6) IC Power Supply:±5V 7) Distortion:≤10% 8) Ring Voltage: AC70V±10% 50HZ 9) Crosstalk Attenuation:≥70dB 11) Transmission Loss:0.37dB

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